About VGM
As earlier informed, the new SOLAS-regulation for declaring Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of containers will be in force as from July 1st 2016. This means that Shippers/Consigners are required to declare the Verified Gross Mass to Transfennica prior to loading the containers on board. The VGM will be required for the time being on all Transfennica-lines. VGM information content VGM information submitted by the Shipper/Consigner should include:
  • Shipper
  • Name of the person responsible for the report in capital letters
  • VGM (including the tare) in Kgs
  • Container number
  • Booking reference
How to deliver VGM to Transfennica?
  • Using the VGM link or QR-code in the email of your booking confirmation
    The VGM link will redirect you to a dedicated web page that can be used to supply the VGM information for each container within the booking.
  • Using the Transfennica Extranet
    Customers using the Extranet / Lighthouse to make or maintain bookings can supply VGM information by updating the appropriate field in the booking. Please contact your sales representative if you don’t have an Extranet-account yet.
  • Using a VERMAS EDI message
    Please contact Transfennica’s IT Manager (kai.lounia@transfennica.com) for details on how to send EDImessages to our system.
  • By email/telefax
    This method is not recommended and Transfennica cannot guarantee timely processing of VGM provided this way. For sake of data integrity and timely processing of VGM information, the methods described above are emphasized.
Please note that Transfennica will not accept verbally communicated VGM data. The information needs to be completed as described above and Transfennica is not allowed to calculate VGM on behalf of the Shipper/Consigner. Our staff will monitor the missing VGM information from the bookings and send reminders if necessary prior to closing time of cargo
VGM cut-off time
The cut-off time for providing the VGM information shall be at latest by the closing time for the cargo in each port. This may be reviewed later at any time, once we gain experience on the practical implications of the work involved. Failing to provide the VGM timely will result in extra costs for moving of the unit, weighing, storage etc. If the unit is missing VGM prior to loading, it cannot or be loaded on the booked departure.
Weighing services
In case weighing services of the container is required in the port of loading, please contact the local port operator or our local staff well in advance in order to check the procedures and costs. In case of further questions, kindly contact your sales representative or our local Transfennica office.